How to Tell If a Pearl is Authentic or Not

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But pearls are actually much better. Why you may ask? Well, it is because they are an excellent investment. They are more affordable than diamonds, yet they are highly valued. Not to mention, pearls can come in a wide variety of colours. They naturally have distinct hues and glimmer that you cannot see anywhere else. The greatest thing you can learn about them is that no two pearls are the same. Hence, each one is unique, unlike diamonds which can be identical.

So, as you can see, pearls are timeless treasures you can keep for life and pass on to your daughter and your daughter’s daughter in the future. Whether you are old or young, pearls are great for all ages. And, they will never go out of style since they can flatter any complexion and they can go with anything. Whether you are going to use them for everyday wear or take them out for an evening soiree, you can undoubtedly look your best without even trying. You can look glamorous and accentuate your beauty when you wear pearls. It is no wonder that people now prefer them over other gemstone or diamond jewellery.

If you want one of your own, it would be in your best interest if you know how to differentiate a real one from a fake. Since their surge in popularity, people are buying them left and right. You cannot always be too sure of the quality unless you buy from popular brands like in Claudia Bradby’s Sale.

Here are the best tips we can give you:

  • Shape

As we have said, no two pearls are alike. It is because they are made by nature and, therefore, they do not have a neat circular shape. It is quite challenging to look for a pearl necklace that is perfectly rounded and uniform in size. They are extraordinarily rare, and that is why they fetch a high price.

  • Touch

Authentic naturally grown pearls are cool to the touch even when the weather conditions are hot. If it is a fake or an imitation (i.e., made from plastic beads), it will feel warm.

Another thing you can do to tell them apart is by holding one pearl in each hand. Rub them against each other, and if a white powdery substance appears, then it is real, but if there is none, it is a fake.

  • Sound

If you bite a genuine pearl and use your teeth to scrape it lightly, you can hear a soft sound. It is because of the sandy/grainy surface. A fake one would be very slippery, and it will produce no sound if you try to scrape the surface.

  •  Observation

We must emphasise that every pearl is unique. When you want to buy a necklace, you can readily see that each pearl does not have the same color, size, lustre and shape. Each one has its own distinct features and an individual personality. A fake one, on the other hand, has uniform size and shape.

These are the tips you can use when you want to purchase pearls for yourself.

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