Design Your Favourite Suit With Right Accessories – Become Most Stylish Man Ever!

What would you ask to add in your wardrobe? Well, a trendy suit that perfectly matches your style and personality. While it is true that a suit makes the man but few people know what actually makes the suit! Just a pair of pants and blazer isn’t going to make you look unique and stylish, but it is the accessories that will further personalize your look.

Poorly put together attire can make even the most expensive suit to look terrible. On the other hand, even a simple suit can be made to look like million dollars with the right accessories. Having properly tailored essentials will make you feel confident and look stylish. Read on the following section and know how minor details can make your overall getup more fashionable.

Pocket square

A perfect silk pocket square can really add a splash of colour to your ensemble. Just make sure to choose a pattern and colour complementing rest of your ensemble at Boutique Roger Labonté. It is recommended to pick up the one that blends well with your tie. Apart from just buying it, it is even important to know best ways to fold it for maximum effect.

Favourite Suit 3

Belts and suspenders

You require something to prevent your pants from hitting ground. A pair of suspenders or nice leather belt is great functional accessories lending hint of style to your clothing. While picking a belt, ensure that its colour complements or matches the shoes that you plan to wear.


They can be indeed the best accessory to add personality to your suit. There is a wide array of designs and colours to choose from. From that standard brushed silver, to novelty cufflinks, you have a large array of options. However, one thing that should be remembered by you is that cufflinks only pair well with the French-cuffed shirts.

Ties and Tie bars

Ties have become prevalent part of the modern style. A properly-tied bow tie or neck tie can elevate your outfit greatly. Ensure that you have mastered an awesome knot loved by you to make sure that your ensemble is sharp and clean.

Favourite Suit

When it comes to tie bars, they are even a functional and fashionable accessory. It keeps tie from swinging and makes sure that it hangs well and straight.

While you may think that your favourite suit looks great without anything, the above accessories can surely take it to the whole new level. Buy them and flaunt your smart looks!

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