Tips to wear chinos with casual shirts

This monsoon, style and comfort can be achieved with chinos. These cotton pants for men are the go to for any occasion. Thesecasual pants are very comfortable. They come in various prints and patterns. From the classic beige to bold, bright and vibrant colours like yellow and red these pants can be worn in any colour. They can be teamed up with checked shirts, plain t-shirts, blazers, etc. These are versatileand fashionable.

They can be sported by men of all ages and body shapes. They can be teamed up with casual shirts for various looks and occasions. Casual shirts with chinos are the most comfortable outfit that can be worn. In this monsoon, you should wear this combination of clothing to feel at ease and enjoy the weather.So here are a few tips for wearing chinos with casual shirts.

  1. The professional look

You tend to spend a lot of time at your workplace. It feels good to be comfortable while working. With the introduction of business casuals at work, you can achieve comfort by opting for Chino pants along with casual shirts.Wear a light colour chino like beige. Beige is an all time classic and can be used for other looks as well. Team up this beige chino with a darker shade of a solid colour casual shirt or a chequered shirt. You can also add a blazer and tie to make it look even more professional.

  1. The casual look

Many a times, you have to leave to meet your friends or family right after work. This requires you to make a swift change of outfit. If you wear chinos you can make this change very easily.For a casual look you can go for the exact look above but without the blazer and tie. Just roll up your sleeves, open the collar button and voila! You have made a smooth transition from work wear to casual wear.For this look you can also choose a bright coloured chino pant like red and team it up with a blue plain or chequered shirt. You can also try various colour combination based on your skin tone.

  1. The beach look

Being cotton based chino pants are the right garment to be worn on a beach. In the windy and humid weather, these pants become your best friend. You can use the same beige pant from the professional look for the beach as well. To go along with the calming nature of the beach, you should wear a light coloured chino pant. Nothing too bright should be worn. Pair this up with a very loose cotton casual shirt. The shirt can be of a bright colour like orange or yellow. You can also add a hat to complete this look.

  1. Footwear

The common footwear that goes along with all the above looks are loafers. Loafers are again very comfortable and easy to carry off. They can be teamed up with any colour shirt or chino pants to finalise the outfit.

Welcome this monsoon with a fresh panache. Have all the fun splashing around and it will pep the mood in just the right way!

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